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Shaun Buck

Shaun Buck

Shaun Buck is founder and CEO of Newsletter Pro based in Boise, Idaho. He first got his start in newsletters when he purchased a dry cleaning business in 2002. In his franchise contract, he was required to send out a monthly newsletter to clients and prospects. Since he had no previous newsletter experience, for the first two years, his newsletter was unorganized, boring, and lacked the engagement to gain new subscribers and clients. He decided to switch his approach to include more personal and entertaining content, and just like that, his readership levels soared. This is when Shaun knew that he was onto something.  

In 2011, Shaun sold the dry cleaning business and started a newsletter company, Solution Marketers. He hired a small team to get the company up and running and focused on three products: birthday postcards for restaurants, new mover campaigns, and newsletters. In September 2012, they changed the name to Newsletter Pro and the company had doubled in size.

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