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Robert Brink

Robert Brink

Attorney Robert Brink is the executive director of Boston’s Social Law Library. Established in 1803 during the formative period of American Law, Social Law and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court formed the state’s oldest public/private partnership. The Court traded space in its courthouse for use of law books that the bar library was importing from England using private membership dues. Today, the Supreme Judicial Court and the Library continue to share space in the historic John Adams Courthouse. And with approximately 13,000 members, Social Law is the most comprehensive and cutting-edge practice-oriented law library in the United States—a shared public/private resource relied on by virtually every segment of the Massachusetts legal establishment.

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Guest Appearances
March 7, 2019

How Legal Organizations and Legal Tech Vendors Can Effectively Work Together

Robert Brink and Fred Cohen talk about how legal organizations and legal tech vendors can work together more effectively.