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Marianna Matokhniuk

Marianna Matokhniuk

Marianna Matokhniuk is a passionate believer in legal tech and is convinced that technology can and should save the world. Her experience working in law firms as well as in consulting in three jurisdictions (Ukraine, USA and Germany), two legal systems (continental and Anglo-American), and five areas of law (corporate, litigation, arbitration, international trade law and data protection) has enabled her to gain a deep understanding of the very industry that legal tech is disrupting. In her current role as a product manager at FleetBase she is responsible for designing practical solutions for complicated problems.

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Guest Appearances
May 8, 2019

Global Legal Hackathon 2019 Finals Gala: Team Uthority

Team Uthority gives an overview of their product, which lets users simplify legalese in official communications to help people identify whether they are facing a legal problem.