Lucy Endel Bassli

Lucy Endel Bassli

Lucy Endel Bassli is the founder of InnoLegal Services PLLC, a modern solution provider that offers legal advice and consults on operationalizing the practice of law. She works with law departments and law firms on innovating their legal service delivery and consumption models, and trains lawyers in innovative practices. Lucy specializes in all things contracting: resource allocation, automation, process optimization and smart risk-taking. Lucy also serves as the Chief Legal Strategist for LawGeex, a cutting-edge AI legal tech start-up automating contract review services. She was previously an assistant general counsel at Microsoft where she spent half her time negotiating contracts and the other half managing a robust contracting process on behalf of the legal department. She has negotiated strategic outsourcing contracts in the areas of legal services, finance and operations, and IT, among others.

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May 14, 2015

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