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Judge Christopher P. Yates

Judge Christopher P. Yates

Judge Christopher P. Yates is a judge of the 17th Circuit Court in Kent County, Michigan. He has served in the family division, the criminal division, the civil division, and now runs a specialized business docket. He was the vice chair of Michigan’s Limited English Proficiency Steering Committee that drafted proposed court rules governing foreign language interpreters.

Guest Appearances
October 29, 2018

State Bar of Michigan NEXT Conference 2018: Presenting Summary Disposition Motions

Hon. Christopher Yates, Hon. Jon Hulsing, and Hon. Tim Hicks talks about the right way to present summary disposition motions.

August 24, 2015

Removing Language Barriers to Justice in the Nation’s Courts

American citizens who don’t speak fluent English or are illiterate face incredible disadvantages within civil, family law, and criminal courtrooms. Also, in many states juries are populated with exclusively English speaking citizens,...