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Joey Seeber

Joey Seeber

It may be a sign of your future vocation when you start carrying a Samsonite briefcase to school in first grade (circa 1971). Or maybe it’s because “for fun” you persuaded your little brother and sister to sit still in the living room while you gave political speeches and opening arguments – and you’re 10 years old.

Fast forward and meet Level 2 Legal CEO Joey Seeber. He grew up to become an experienced litigator, successful entrepreneur, and dedicated elected official. And thankfully traded in his Samsonite for a Shinola.

Joey’s past experiences shape the way he leads Level 2. As a practicing lawyer, he discovered the ins and outs of the profession – from tackling litigation-related discovery matters to trying cases before a jury.

Serving three terms as mayor of Tyler, Texas, Joey learned the important questions that governments ask – questions that inform big decisions. He also learned the importance of collaborating with colleagues to get the best work done.

Joey finds inspiration in the performance and development of the people he gets to work with every day. This desire to bring out the good in his teammates is grounded in his values of duty, authenticity, and respect – values he’s leaned on to build a team that never gives up. A team that always shoots straight. A team that is transforming the legal world, one case at a time.

All the world’s a stage for Joey – and that couldn’t be a better place for his clients and teammates to be. In the legal arena where one missed mark can cost millions, he makes sure Level 2 performs flawlessly every single time.

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