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Janice Brown

Janice Brown

Attorney Janice P. Brown is the founding partner of Brown Law Group. Growing up in Montana, Janice Brown went to work for the U.S. Justice Department as a trial attorney in the tax division in 1984. Recruited right out of law school into Justices’ Honor Program in Tax, Ms. Brown tried lawsuits on behalf of the United States in venues throughout the western United States, including Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, California and Texas.

In 1987, Janice Brown was chosen Trial Lawyer of the Year at the US Department of Justice. This early recognition would prove to be one of many honors and awards to follow. She went on to be a partner in the firm Seltzer, Caplan, Wilkins and McMahon. She also began to visualize the client-focused philosophy that would be the basis for her own firm.

As is the case with many successful people, Janice Brown had a mentor who influenced her and supported her early in her career. Bonnie Reading, a former law partner at Seltzer Caplan McMahon, died in 1995, but continues to be an inspiration to this day.

It has been said that other people can believe in us with more conviction than we can believe in ourselves and Janice Brown credits Bonnie Reading for having this unwavering commitment to her success when it really mattered. Indeed, Ms. Reading’s own determination and courage were an inspiration to many.

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