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Ely Delaney

Ely Delaney

Introducing Ely Delaney, the Automated Systems Strategist, renowned as “The People Whisperer.”

As the mastermind behind The Follow Up Rockstar System, Ely empowers entrepreneurs to transcend survival and achieve prosperity in any economic climate. He expertly combines the art and science of cultivating robust relationships and executing lifelong follow-ups.

Ely’s profound insights have earned him the status of an Amazon bestseller with not one, but two highly acclaimed books: “Marketing Tidbits” and “Networking Tidbits.”

Driven by his innate desire to connect individuals, Ely’s transformative course, “Networking Like A Rockstar,” has garnered a global community of over 1389 students. With Ely’s guidance, speakers, authors, and coaches can effortlessly automate their follow-up processes, propelling their businesses to new heights, all without the need for an MBA from MIT.

Guest Appearances
July 10, 2023

The Follow Up Formula: Turning Leads into Cases with Ely Delaney

In this episode, Ely Delaney joins me to talk about the follow up formula, and how to turn leads into cases. He takes us through his strategic system for client retention, as...