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Podcast Development Workflow

Developing a podcast is not as simple as the first idea that comes to mind. There are many steps to get a podcast that is valuable and engaging for the audience, and...

Podcast consulting with Legal Talk Network

New Season of “ABA Law Student Podcast” is More Dynamic and Inclusive, Reflecting the Diverse Voices and Perspectives of Today’s Law Student

Legal Talk Network, the leading legal podcast network, announces the launch of a new format on the long-running “ABA Law Student Podcast,” produced in partnership with the American Bar Association’s Law Student...

Law Student Podcast

AI’s Future of Legal Productivity and Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of It

Using AI strategically at your law firm can be a time, error, and resource saver. AI is an effective way to save non-billable hours and help legal professionals do their jobs better....

Don't be afraid of AI

The Fight for Justice: Marty Tankleff’s Story of a Coerced Confession and Wrongful Conviction

How a Coerced Confession Led to a Wrongful Conviction On September 7, 1988, Marty Tankleff , a high school senior, woke up to find his adoptive parents brutally beaten and stabbed in...

Marty Tankleff Wrongful Conviction

Falsely Accused: The Brian Banks Story

In 2002, Brian Banks was a 17-year-old high school football star with a promising future ahead of him. Unfortunately, his life took a drastic turn when he was falsely accused of kidnapping...


Unjustly Convicted: Uriah Courtney’s 8-Year Fight for Freedom

Injustice can happen to anyone, at any time, and Uriah Courtney's story is a tragic example of this. In 2006, Uriah was wrongfully convicted of raping and kidnapping a 16-year-old girl, a...

Uriah Courtney Exoneration

Legal Talk Network Launches California Innocence Project Podcast to Share Stories of the Wrongfully Convicted and Highlight Pitfalls of the Criminal Legal System

Legal Talk Network, the leading legal podcast network, announces the launch of ‘California Innocence Project Podcast:’ stories of wrongfully convicted men and women who spent decades in prison for crimes they did...

California Innocence Project Podcast


Helmed by Co-Chairs Gyi Tsakalakis and Jeannine Lambert, the 2023 ABA TECHSHOW returned to the Hyatt Regency in Chicago (March 1-4). This marks the 2nd year of in-person gatherings for this legal...

ABA Techshow 2023

Presentation: Using Podcasting to Improve Your Reputation

The Chicago Bar Association created a CLE opportunity about how to improve your legal reputation through podcasting. I participated in a panel with Thinking Like a Lawyer co-host Joe Patrice, Lunch Hour...

Clio Cloud Conference – The Big Return

After a long slumber in the doldrums of virtual gatherings, the Clio Cloud Conference returned to real life in Nashville, Tennessee. Needless to say, this legal tech community was long overdue to...

Clio’s Legal Trends Report Minute

60 seconds to bigger profits starting now!

Legal Trends Report

How to Recession-Proof Your Law Firm

Economic dips are inevitable, but taking the right steps now to properly prepare can help ensure your law firm comes out on top during recessionary times. 

law firm recession

Law Firm Pricing – What Will People Pay For?

Law firm pricing is one of the most important aspects of running a legal practice. And how clients perceive price is just as important as the price itself. 

client conversion

What Technology is the Best Fit for Your Law Firm?

Technology is redefining the legal field. Investing in the right technology that drives your law firm forward is fundamental to your law firm's growth and success.

Law Firm Technology