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Lisa Kirkman

Lisa Kirkman

Lisa, as Legal Talk Network's Director of Partnerships & Marketing, is the bridge between show sponsors and the production team. She helps sponsors develop their message and choose the most effective shows for reaching their target audience. Lisa has consulted with clients in both digital marketing and traditional broadcast media, and loves podcasting because the medium celebrates creativity and makes room for diverse content. She loves driving fast and lives at Lake Tahoe with her family.
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Posts by Lisa
April 10, 2024

Legal Talk Network Launches Season Two of ‘For the Innocent’ Podcast Sharing New Stories of the Wrongfully Convicted, Focusing on Pervasive Use of Junk Science in Convictions 

Wrongfully convicted, Zavion Johnson and others tell their exoneration stories in Season Two of Legal Talk Network’s For the Innocent Podcast. Real men and women spend decades in prison every year for...

November 6, 2023

SideBar Podcast Welcomes Law Professor and Public Health Expert Wendy Parmet as Part of the Show’s One Year Anniversary

Law Professor Wendy Parmet explains how the COVID pandemic exposed weaknesses in our public health system and the lack of trust in science and government. MONTEREY, CA — SideBar podcast on The Legal Talk...

October 1, 2023

Podcast Development Workflow

Developing a podcast is not as simple as the first idea that comes to mind. There are many steps to get a podcast that is valuable and engaging for the audience, and...

September 18, 2023

New Season of “ABA Law Student Podcast” is More Dynamic and Inclusive, Reflecting the Diverse Voices and Perspectives of Today’s Law Student

Legal Talk Network, the leading legal podcast network, announces the launch of a new format on the long-running “ABA Law Student Podcast,” produced in partnership with the American Bar Association’s Law Student...

March 31, 2023

Legal Talk Network Launches California Innocence Project Podcast to Share Stories of the Wrongfully Convicted and Highlight Pitfalls of the Criminal Legal System

Legal Talk Network, the leading legal podcast network, announces the launch of ‘California Innocence Project Podcast:’ stories of wrongfully convicted men and women who spent decades in prison for crimes they did...

March 2, 2023

Presentation: Using Podcasting to Improve Your Reputation

The Chicago Bar Association created a CLE opportunity about how to improve your legal reputation through podcasting. I participated in a panel with Thinking Like a Lawyer co-host Joe Patrice, Lunch Hour...

June 28, 2022

A Mindset Shift on Law Firm Metrics Could Grow Your Firm

Give Yourself Permission to Be Geeky “Data seems overwhelming.” Jared Correia, host of Legal Toolkit, acknowledged in the December 22, 2020 episode. It can be really hard for lawyers, who are not...