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ABA TechShow 2022: Arguably the Best TechShow Yet

After nearly two years apart, ABA TechShow 2022 marked a ‘re-introduction’ into the real world as lawyers, legal professionals and legal tech leaders once again gathered together.

For many attendees, this year’s legal tech gathering was their first in-person industry conference since before the COVID pandemic began. And while this year’s TechShow presented some of the best in diverse session topics, notable guest speakers and good exhibitor attendance, perhaps the greatest takeaway for everyone was simply the reconnection

After two long years apart, the excitement and energy at this year’s conference was almost tangible. It was an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, partners, industry professionals and friends. And the feeling of being together again was truly second-to-none. 

The pandemic seemingly made us forget how fulfilling it is to network in-person with aligned industry professionals. Being back at this year’s TechShow helped remind everyone that there’s really no substitute to fostering new face-to-face community relationships, generating new business through impromptu conversations or obtaining invaluable learning through genuine discussions with other like-minded business leaders.

In addition to the joy of reconnecting, another notable component of ABA TechShow 2022 was its incredible programs agenda and diverse roster of speakers. This year’s conference featured several prominent speakers and hosts, as well as a wide range of engaging session topics. Session topics centered around the most useful and practical technologies available to legal professionals to help maintain, grow and advance their practices. 

This year’s TechShow was all about reconnecting…and remembering the importance and value these conference connections bring. 

If you weren’t able to make this year’s show, Legal Talk Network has a range of great episodes available with highlights from this year’s speakers and sessions. Listen to all of the episodes on our “On The Road” podcast!

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