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The last thing anyone wants is one more social media platform to learn. I was solidly in that camp. But I’m afraid it’s finally time to bite the bullet on TikTok and get my sea legs with Instagram.

Personal Injury lawyer and TikTok aficionado Taly Goody and lemon law lawyer and Instagram super user Michelle Fonseca-Kamana have me convinced there’s more to the platforms than clickbaity, time-sucking videos. 

Case in point, TikTok user @neurolera explains how to pretend to be American if detained by Russian police. Say, “I’m gonna call my lawyer.”

Back to New Solo. Both of these creative lawyers are using TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube in savvy ways to market their niche practices, making their presence known in engaging ways that are attracting clients and driving referrals. 

New Solo host Adriana Linares interviews the two about how they’ve added strategic scrolling to their social media habits. They share tips on creating videos and Instagram reels, including apps they use and how to respond to trolls.

New Solo

Client Acquisition in the 21st Century: With Instagram & TikTok??

Artificial intelligence, modern warfare, and national security

Speaking of new uses for new technology, Brigadier General Patrick Huston explains how artificial intelligence can save taxpayers billions of dollars simply in maintenance costs if implemented in fleets of ships, planes, helicopters, and vehicles.

Huston also debunks AI weapons myths during his wide-ranging modern military interview with Digital Detectives hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek.

Digital Detectives

Is This How the World Ends? Artificial Intelligence and American Security

On the topic of modern warfare and national security, Lawyer 2 Lawyer tackles growing tensions between the United States and Russia. 

Host J. Craig Williams speaks with Penn Law Prof. Claire Finkelstein and Duke Law Prof. Charles J. Dunlap Jr., former U.S. Air Force deputy judge advocate general, about technology advances and the threat of cyber warfare. The three discuss the threshold for defining a cyber  “attack” and whether there’s a need to develop cyber norms.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Cyberwarfare, U.S./Russia Relations, and Ukraine

Time for a dose of civility in civic discourse

Props to @theBar for landing an interview with Illinois Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch, a veteran lawyer and history-maker as the first Black lawmaker to be speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. 

Welch speaks with host Trisha Rich about civil discourse during a time when polarization defines politics. They also discuss Illinois’ progressive agenda, including eliminating cash bail and other criminal justice reforms.

Considering the polarization of American discourse and the damage done when bullying behavior goes unchecked, it’s no wonder the ABA’s Young Lawyer’s Division launched its first podcast episode on the topic of civility. 

In the first episode of Young Lawyer Rising, host Sonia Russo discusses civility from various vantage points, with guests sharing war stories and, importantly, tactics for dealing with incivility in life and the workplace.

Young Lawyer Rising


The hard sell: subscription vs. billable hour

One way to get legal futurists to be uncivil or at least rant is to talk about the billable hour as a foundation of law practice. Yet, no matter how many experts say the billable hour should go away, it’s holding firm. 

What’s striking is that even when a boutique law firm launches to break away from the billable model, one of the options is a billable approach.

Legal Rebels Podcast host Lyle Moran interviews Joyce Tong Oelrich and Zohra Tejani, the founders of Tong Tejani. They talk about the struggle to convince technology clients that it’s in their best interests to embrace a subscription pricing model for legal services.

ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

How one firm is trying to convince technology clients to embrace subscription pricing

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Thumbnail image is Taly Goody’s TikTok feed @talygoodyesq.

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