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Editor’s Picks: Decamping to the Tropics | Google for Trial Courts | Infectious Disease Niche | Making Booze

Even with vaccines on the horizon, decamping to a tropical paradise sounds absolutely dreamy about now. That may be because the Midwest, while sunnier these days, is still prone to snow and bitter cold in the spring.

More likely, I was inspired by Sara de Diego’s story.

She’s an internet lawyer who moved her family to Puerto Rico a few years ago. After building a strong practice with a solid client base, she realized that her physical location didn’t matter.

New Solo host Adriana Linares spoke with de Diego about building her practice, the tech tools she uses to be present (virtually) for clients, and the tax incentives and sandy beaches that drew her to Puerto Rico.

New Solo

Decamping to Puerto Rico

State Court Trial Data Assembled in One Space

One company that helps lawyers sever physical location ties is Trellis Research Inc., which has taken on the gargantuan task of creating a single source for state court data. 

The federal courts have a unified system, and, for better or worse, lawyers can access info through Pacer. 

State courts are a completely different animal, fragmented by state and even county level. 

Legal Toolkit host Jared Correia interviews Trellis CEO and co-founder Nicole Clark about the tool, which she describes as a Google for state trial courts.

Legal Toolkit

Why Sackboy is Super Dope; How AI Makes State Court Data Accessible; and the “Three Questions” Rump Roast

Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover Pandemic Closures?

Never has insurance law been a more fascinating topic, at least for me. It’s impossible not to feel the pain of businesses shuttered by government orders. But should the insurers shoulder the financial burden? 

So far, the courts have said no.

On Best’s Insurance Law Podcast, insurance industry lawyer Michael Troisi delivers a state of litigation report on business interruption claims. He breaks down the policyholder claims to date and details the response from courts.

Best’s Insurance Law Podcast

How COVID-19 is Changing Business Interruption Claims

Pros, Cons and Insights of Building an Infectious Disease Practice

Speaking of hot practice areas in the age of Covid-19, how about the infectious disease niche.

Davis M. Walsh and Samuel L. Tarry tell Modern Law Library host Lee Rawles that when they were writing their book, “Infectious Disease Litigation: Science, Law, and Procedure,” they had no idea a pandemic would propel the topic to new levels of public discourse. 

The authors talk about their experience writing the book and, importantly, share advice for lawyers looking into developing practices in this space.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

Interested in infectious disease litigations? Before you accept a case, read this

Modern Moonshining Explored

During the pandemic, thousands of us tested our limits in the kitchen. Looking for proof? Consider the months-long shortage of yeast, frustrating would-be bread bakers to no end. 

But did anyone try making their own booze? That’s a whole other level of DIY, one that could draw federal alcohol regulators’ attention.

Legal Talk Today host Laurence Colletti took a deep dive into the topic with moonshine expert Marshall Fawley from Lehrman Beverage Law.

Over two episodes, the Marshall talks about his family’s dabbling in the spirits industry during Prohibition and the modern moonshiners.

Making Booze (Part 1)

Legal Talk Today

Making Booze (Part 1)

Making Booze (Part 2)

Legal Talk Today

Making Booze (Part 2)

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