Executive Orders Reviewed | Fashion & the Law Explored | How Highlight Reels Can Energize & Humanize

Executive orders are flying out of the Oval Office faster than the news cycle. The orders cover a wide variety of issues: mask mandates, the Keystone XL pipeline, and travel bans. Are they all legal and constitutional?

Craig Williams breaks down the executive orders to date. With his Lawyer 2 Lawyer guests  Stanford Law Prof. Michael W. McConnell and Clemson Poly Sci Prof. Kevin G. Vance discuss the impact of the orders and how many more we can expect from President Biden.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

The Executive Orders of President Biden

Shifting from the executive branch to the fashion branch, where the Modern Law Library takes on a topic popular among legal professionals, dress codes.

Civil rights and anti-discrimination expert Richard Thompson Ford discusses his new book, “Dress Codes: How the Laws of Fashion Made History” with host Lee Rawles. Ford, a professor at Stanford Law School, tells Rawles he started researching this issue when he realized how many employment discrimination cases involved issues over dress codes. 

Ford explains why his research in this area had to reach way back to the Middle Ages to understand social rank and individual personality expression. He also explains “The Great Masculine Renunciation.”

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

Why do barristers wear wigs? ‘Dress Codes’ explores fashion and the law

Speaking of the impressions one leaves behind, the Lawyerist Podcast addresses “highlight reels” and how those can be used to humanize and to express gratitude.

Dan Cable, author of “Exceptional: Build your personal highlight reel and unlock your potential,” explains to host Laura Briggs how building a list of positive memories for yourself and others in your network can humanize and energize. 

Think of the list for others as a eulogy one might give while someone is still alive. These highlight reels create an opportunity to open a gratitude dialogue with those in personal and professional networks, Cable says.

Lawyerist Podcast

#314: Why You Need a Highlight Reel, with Dan Cable

On the topic of gratitude, Angela Tripp shares why heading up the Michigan Legal Help Program is particularly rewarding work.

Tripp speaks with ABA Law Student Podcast host Meghan Steenburgh about developing legal information and DIY materials for those who are representing themselves. Tripp says the traffic to Michigan Legal Help doubled during the pandemic, mostly hitting pages with information on filing for unemployment.

ABA Law Student Podcast

Helping Litigants Help Themselves: The Ins and Outs of a Legal Help Program

Circling back to the District of Columbia, Legal Talk Today and Thinking Like a Lawyer cover impeachment basics, impeachment linguistics and whether, D.C. finally has its shot at statehood.

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

Text Is Really Only Part Of Context

Legal Talk Today

Impeachment & Twinkies

Legal Talk Today

DC Statehood (Part 1)

Legal Talk Today

DC Statehood (Part 2)


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