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Introducing the State Bar of Texas Podcast, a Show About People

Just in time for the 2018 State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting, we have relaunched the State Bar of Texas Podcast with Rocky Dhir as the host. This show takes an honest look into the real stories of the legal landscape in Texas, whether it’s industry news, caselaw, practice management, or affecting trends. The conversational tone set by Rocky leads to deep insights from the guests, allowing them to dive into the depths of important topics and offer the emotions behind legal situations. This is truly a show for people, not just lawyers.

This week on Legal Talk Network, the State Bar of Texas Podcast relaunched with three new episodes, “Anthony Graves on Overcoming a Wrongful Conviction,” “Depression and Addiction in the Mind of a Lawyer,” and “What It’s Like to Write with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.” Although these interviews range in topic, the tone is the same; they address legal topics at the root of where we can bring about considerable change.

Anthony Graves on Overcoming a Wrongful Conviction

In this inaugural episode we hear from Anthony Graves, a man who spent nearly two decades in prison—12 of those years on death row—for multiple homicides he didn’t commit. Graves discusses the details of the crime and how he could have been accused and convicted. Rocky asks him about his opinions on changes within the criminal justice system that we still need today.

Depression and Addiction in the Mind of a Lawyer

Bree Buchanan and Brian Cuban talk with Rocky about a truly effective way to address addiction and depression, an issue that we are recently becoming more aware of, especially in the legal profession. Brian talks about his own struggles with addiction and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and how to recognize warning signs in others.

What It’s Like to Write with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

While in law school, Bryan Garner was taking notes on the origin and use of legal terminology in addition to his lecture notes. This inevitably led to him being an author and lexicographer as well as a practicing lawyer. In his discussion with Rocky, he dives into stories from his close personal relationship with Justice Antonin Scalia. They investigate the personality type of someone who is obsessed with words (a snoot), and the difference between textualism, purposivism, and consequentialism in legal writing and interpretation.


These are not just legal podcasts, they are conversations about people and the way the law has affected them, in Texas, the United States, and worldwide. Subscribe and tune in to the show for another episode each month. And stay tuned to On The Road for episodes on the floor at the 2018 State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting later this week.

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