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Make No Law Brings First Amendment Issues and Their History to Life

Legal Talk Network is excited to announce the launch of our new show “Make No Law: The First Amendment Podcast”. With concept, script, and narrations created by attorney Ken White of the Popehat blog, this provocative podcast is about the seminal moments defining our freedom of speech. The production combines real cases, real accounts from real people, voice acting, and a pinch of theatrics into a story telling narrative that not only explains our 1st Amendment, but also brings it to life. The show launched with two episodes, “Fighting Words” and “The Schoolhouse Gates.”

Fighting Words explores Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, a case from the 1940s dealing with a man named Walter Chaplinsky and his right to call government officials “Fascists.” The ensuing “fighting words” doctrine has carried through, relating to topics we are still facing today.

Make No Law: The First Amendment Podcast

Fighting Words

The Schoolhouse Gates, features an interview with Mary Beth Tinker, who as a 13 year-old, with her parents, sued her school for prohibiting armbands protesting the Vietnam War. Tinker v. Des Moines resulted in Mary Beth Tinker’s rights being upheld but many subsequent lawsuits have been less favorable to the rights of students.

Make No Law: The First Amendment Podcast

The Schoolhouse Gates

Behind the scenes at Legal Talk Network, this is our first real foray into storytelling. Although the desire to stretch our creative wings had been with us for some time, Make No Law offered us an irresistible opportunity to be “all in.” To say that Ken is a natural and firmly grasps show structure and related elements is an understatement. Without any formal training (that we’re aware of), he has delivered on script after script and what do you know… he’s a “duck in water” on the mic too! Equally understated is the deep talent pool that is our head audio engineer Adam Lockwood. In addition to being a wizard “behind the glass,” he’s a talented musician with a streak of humor to boot. He has masterfully assembled our various show elements combined with original works of music he composed himself.

“It’s definitely a labor of love working on these episodes,” says Adam Lockwood of the show. “Ken’s script writing and storytelling is excellent, and I just hope to further serve the story with music and sound design. Looking forward, I’m excited to keep creating immersive experiences for the listener.”

“It’s been super fun and easy working with host Ken White and head audio engineer Adam Lockwood,” says Executive Producer Laurence Colletti. “In terms of the creative, there is natural chemistry and a lot of trust between us. From early concepts and script to the takes and retakes working through voice acting, narrations, and final-final-final versions, every step along the way has been very enjoyable. I simply can’t say enough about these guys.”

Laurence would also like to give a special shout out to our voice actors who volunteered to play various roles on the show. He says, “Our little community acting troupe of voices come from legal media, other podcasts, and co-workers who stepped up to support our new venture. I want to thank all you for doing an incredible job!”

Voice Actors:

  • Trent Carlyle as Walter Chaplinsky
  • Samantha Cole as Billy Gobitas
  • ABA Journal’s Terry Carter as Justice Frankfurter
  • Chad Jolly as Albert Stroebel and Marshall Bowering
  • Kelsey Johnson as Gertrude Bobb
  • Bob Story as Justice Jackson
  • Jose Trujillo as the New Hampshire Supreme Court
  • Jeremy Church as Bowman
  • Bob Ambrogi for his read of the Supreme Court’s decision in Tinker.


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