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The Work-Life Balancing Act: How to be a Lawyer and a Human Simultaneously

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Chances are, you’re stressed out about something at this very moment. Maybe it’s an overload at work, maybe it’s not seeing enough of your family or friends, or maybe Netflix just added a super cool show and you don’t have time to watch it. Whatever it is, know you’re not alone. Legal professionals have a lot on their shoulders and sometimes it seems like maintaining a life outside of work is a job in itself, but not to worry! We’ve gathered some podcasts that will give you some tips and tricks for balancing your responsibilities.

How can attorneys get help without harming their careers?

With such a stressful profession, many attorneys face addiction and other mental health issues. If you find yourself struggling–or know another lawyer who is–what resources are out there?

Success in Your Remote Workplace

Whether it is from a coffee shop, home office, or library, more people than ever are working remotely. If this is your company and you are already working from home, or thinking about starting to do so, what are the main considerations and best practices to put into place?

An Innovative Law Firm with Work-Life Balance, with Betsy Stotler & Kelly Hayes

Betsy Stotler and Kelly Hayes started Burgeon Legal because they were two lawyer-moms who didn’t like the way their firm jobs took up so much of their time. In this episode, they explain how that led them to found an innovative, distributed law firm that balances work, life, and clients.

Clio Cloud 2015: Work-Life Balance for Lawyers with Jeena Cho

Like many other lawyers, at one point in her career Cho found herself burnt out and overly stressed. Through general awareness, regular self check-ins, and mindfulness, Cho explains, anxious lawyers can improve their quality of life.

Going Mobile without Losing Balance, with Kristin LaMont

Sam talks with Kristin LaMont, lawyer and adjunct professor, about how to maintain your work-life balance when your firm goes mobile.

What it Means to Have a “Human” Practice, with Julie Tolek

Sam and Julie Tolek chat about what it means to be a solo lawyer and how to create a brand experience that doesn’t intimidate clients. Julie also tells us about how she manages her client tasks and what it takes to maintain a work-life balance in the legal field.

The Home Office: Setting it Up, Making it Work, and Managing Work/Life Demands

Office space is becoming less common as lawyers and entrepreneurs experiment with communal work spaces and home offices. Kelli Proia has mastered the ways of a stay at home attorney and works from home full time.

Time is the New Green: Tips and Tools to Optimize Your Life

Vicki Voisin talks to Adam Camras, CEO of Lawgical. Paralegals and other legal professionals save time by outsourcing, staying healthy, and even using a standing desk. Using these hacks and Vicki’s closing tips can help you dedicate more time to the important things in your life and career.

Paralegal Career 101: Dealing with Work-Related Stress

Lynne DeVenny and Vicki Voisin explore the different kinds of work-related stressors many paralegals face on a day-to-day basis.

Home Tech vs Work Tech: Managing the Intersection

Many lawyers have multiple smart phones, calendars, computer operating systems, or even versions of Microsoft Office. Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss managing multiple tech personalities, how to bridge the gap (or not), and ways lawyers can organize their technology.

A Time to Learn: 2017 Goals and Tech Resolutions

Along with advice to lawyers and legal professionals about keeping their professional resolutions, Dennis and Tom share their approach to making and keeping attainable goals.

Do you have other podcasts that have helped you balance being a lawyer with your personal life? Let us know at legaltalknetwork.com/contact or on Twitter at @LegalTalkNet.

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