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Interviews from the ABA Law Practice Division Fall Meeting 2014

We recently had the privilege of attending the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division Fall Meeting, which was held this year in San Diego. Totally forgetting about the beautiful sites and scenes from Southern California, we were very impressed at the many programs being offered and projects undertaken by the Law Practice Division. Not only do they put on their large annual ABA TECHSHOW each year, but they publish their monthly Law Practice Today webzine to their nearly 400,000 subscribers each month.

In addition to the highly visible initiatives, Law Practice Division does a lot behind the scenes as well. From access to justice issues to their diversity and inclusion programs, this division of the ABA is hard at work making sure our legal system benefits everyone. Even groups like the ABA Women Rainmakers Board make sure to have programs and events that are inclusive of men. For those new to the practice of law (regardless of age), there is the ABA Young Lawyers Division. Not only are they great resources during the job search, but they are also a great place for referrals.

When they are not focusing on social justice, the Law Practice Division tirelessly endeavors to modernize the practice of law with Board groups like the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC for short). Through the production of their Blog, Webinars, Buyers Guide, and Legal Technology Survey, the LTRC makes sure that the most up-to-date technology information is available to lawyers everywhere.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the ABA Law Practice Division is the people who volunteer to make all of this happen. It might surprise you that in addition to the great programs they put on, most of the central leadership is fully employed somewhere else. Whether it is the Law Practice Division’s Chair Robert Young from English Lucas Priest & Owsley LLP, Chair-Elect Tom Bolt from BoltNagi PC, or even ABA President-Elect Paulette Brown from Edwards Wildman, these highly qualified volunteers brings decades of law practice experience to the table that they readily share with their 18,000+ members (and non-members as well).

We had the privilege of interviewing various speakers and individuals involved with the 2014 ABA Law Practice Division Fall Meeting. Take a listen to the interviews below for more details from the conference.

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