On the Road

ATL APP 2016: Media Training and Storytelling

For many legal marketplace entrepreneurs, successfully communicating with the media can be a challenge as they grow and cultivate a business. In this report from On The Road, host Joe Patrice speaks with LunaCap Venture Partner Jules Miller, Legal Talk Network Executive Producer Laurence Colletti, Above the Law Redline Managing Editor Elie Mystal, and Publicist Pavla Kopecna about their panel on tips and best practices for attorneys looking to more effectively communicate with the media.

Jules Miller is an investor, 3-time entrepreneur, ‘intrapreneur’ and hands-on operations expert. She is also co-founder of Evolve Law, a community of entrepreneurs, law firms, in-house lawyers and legal services companies dedicated to accelerating the adoption of technology and innovation in the legal industry.

After receiving his J.D. and MBA, Laurence Colletti went into solo practice with emphasis in general business and commercial real estate. Laurence is now the producer at Legal Talk Network where he leverages his legal background against a passion for video and podcasting.

Pavla Kopecna is a renowned publicist, responsible for all planning and execution of every project, from the smallest non-profit campaign to the largest retainer. She works closely with clients to develop bespoke and focused campaigns that deliver.

Elie Mystal is the Managing Editor of Above the Law Redline and the Editor-At-Large of Breaking Media. He’s appeared on MSNBC, Fox, and CNN, and pretty much any network that will invite him.