Paralegal Voice

Spotlight on William P. Statsky: A True Expert on Paralegals


On this edition of The Paralegal Voice, co-hosts Lynne DeVenny and Vicki Voisin welcome William P. Statsky, one of the foremost experts on paralegals in the country and the author of numerous paralegal and legal writing textbooks. Bill talks about the importance of a paralegal’s writing skills, legal research, technology today, blogging and the future of the paralegal profession.

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  • Phil Velez

    I am a future paralegal student and just came across this incredible podcast. For someone just learning about the exciting career of the paralegal, this information is invaluable and I thank you all for posting. I plan on following the great advice offered here.

    I look forward to learning more about the wonderful world of the paralegal and will definitely follow your blogs.

    Phil Velez