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Noella Sudbury

Noella Sudbury is an attorney with over a decade of experience in criminal law, policy and data-driven...

Sarah Esther Lageson, PHD

Sarah is a sociologist researching criminal legal systems, law, privacy, surveillance, and tech. Most of her research...

Yousef Kassim

Yousef Kassim is the Founder and CEO of EasyExpunctions, the only software-driven services company that specializes in...

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Jason Tashea

Jason is a consultant on access to justice and technology issues at the World Bank; the editor...

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Published: July 12, 2022
Podcast: Talk Justice, An LSC Podcast
Category: Access to Justice

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This Podcast
Talk Justice, An LSC Podcast
Talk Justice, An LSC Podcast

In each episode of Talk Justice, An LSC Podcast, we will explore ways to expand access to justice and illustrate why it is important to the legal community, business, government and the general public.

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