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Allison Shields

Allison C. Shields, Esq. is the President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., which provides marketing, practice management and productivity...

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Tish Vincent

Tish Vincent is the Program Administrator of the Lawyers & Judges Assistance Program at the State Bar of Michigan. ...

JoAnn Hathaway

JoAnn Hathaway is a practice management advisor for the State Bar of Michigan.  She previously worked as a legal...

Episode Notes

LinkedIn helps lawyers increase their visibility and establish their expertise, but many aren’t using it to its greatest potential. How can you be better by using it more effectively? Allison Shields joins Tish Vincent and JoAnn Hathaway to discuss tips from the book she co-authored on this topic, Make LinkedIn Work for You: A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals.

Allison C. Shields, Esq. is the president of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.


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Episode Details
Published: April 13, 2020
Podcast: State Bar of Michigan: On Balance Podcast
Category: Practice Management
State Bar of Michigan: On Balance Podcast
State Bar of Michigan: On Balance Podcast

The State Bar of Michigan podcast series focuses on the need for interplay between practice management and lawyer-wellness for a thriving law practice.

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