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George Psiharis

George Psiharis is the chief operating officer at Clio. At Clio, Psiharis specializes in customer success, business development, and...

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Laurence Colletti serves as the producer at Legal Talk Network where he combines his passion for web-based media with...

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Clio’s groundbreaking legal data dive revealed trends during the tumultuousness of 2020. Chief Operating Officer George Psiharis gives OTR host Laurence Colletti an overview of this year’s findings and makes predictions about what changes will stick.

Not surprisingly, Clio saw a steep drop in matter intake volumes in March, April, and May. And while there have been rebounds, Psiharis says firms still aren’t at pre-pandemic levels.

Regardless, some firms are succeeding where others aren’t. Psiharis tells Colletti that firms that deployed three specific cloud-based technologies (online payments, legal intake and CRM, and client portals) are earning 40% more revenue per lawyer than those firms that haven’t.

Psiharis also explains how tech adoption is another key component that surfaced in the 2020 data. Trends data show that accelerated tech adoption is happening on the lawyer and client sides, with 90-year-old clients signing engagement letters via iPads.

Resource: Legal Trends Report and Covid-19’s Impact on Legal

George Psiharis is the chief operating officer at Clio.


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Published: October 15, 2020
Podcast: On the Road
Category: Best Legal Practices , COVID-19
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