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Ethan Wall

Ethan Wall is the founder of The Social Media Law Firm, based in Miami, and of Social Media Law...

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Carl Morrison

Carl H. Morrison, ACP, RP, PP, AACP, is an experienced certified paralegal and paralegal manager and has been in...

Episode Notes

An expert in social media law and legal ethics, Miami lawyer Ethan Wall speaks with host Carl Morrison about this hot and quickly developing practice area. Wall recognized the importance of social media to legal practice early on. He shares how he has developed his firm centered around four core areas: compliance, intellectual property, the unique aspects of internet law (think influencer law), and corporate law. Once considered the Wild West of the web, Wall discusses the developing bodies of regulatory, statutory, and legal ethics guidelines governing all aspects of social media communications.

Wall’s tips for lawyers and paralegals:

  • Presume everything you do and say on social media is governed by legal ethics rules.
  • Know and follow the rules.
  • If you don’t know the rules, ask for help.

Ethan Wall is the founder of The Social Media Law Firm and of Social Media Law and Order. He is currently traveling across the United States, living his life in the moment while maintaining his practice in Florida.

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Published: July 30, 2020
Podcast: Paralegal Voice
Category: Legal Entertainment , Legal Marketing
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