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It’s almost time for the 45th Annual NALA Conference & Expo and, as you may expect, things are going to be handled a little differently this year. In this brief announcement, host Jill Francisco shares some details about NALA’s first virtual conference, 2020 NALA [email protected] NALA is taking a bad situation and turning it into a victory by making this their most accessible conference ever, leaving you with no excuse when it comes to networking with your peers, getting your CLE credits, and becoming an even better paralegal.

2020 NALA [email protected] will be held July 9-11. Register before June 12 and receive a conference care package loaded with great goodies.


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Sneak Peak of NALA Conference & Expo 2020



Jill Francisco: Hello listeners. This is Jill Francisco, ACP and President of NALA, coming to you today to talk to you a little bit about the 45th Annual NALA Convention. This year we are super excited because it has been moved to a 100% virtual. We wanted everybody to be safe including our attendees and our staff.

Another exciting thing about this year is we are celebrating 45 years, 45 years of NALA supporting and promoting the paralegal profession.

So 2020 NALA [email protected] featuring our digital exhibitors. It’s going to be held July 9th through the 11th, and again 100% virtual. You can attend from the convenience of your home, your office, wherever you want to sit with your computer; out in the Sun, on the beach, wherever you want to do, and registration is open now.

Please don’t delay because we have a lot of exciting things that you don’t want to wait around and miss. So you may register all the way up into a conference, but again we have some super exciting things you don’t want to miss.

If you register by June of 12th, you receive a complimentary exclusive care package from NALA and the items in this care package will enhance your virtual experience when you’re attending the conference.

So let’s get to the little nitty-gritty here. The pricing is $99 for NALA members, a $149 for non-NALA members. I mean this is an absolute tremendous opportunity for the amount of CLE that you can learn. You can actually earn up to 11 hours of CLE for those prices.

So hopefully, if you are in need of CLE or you just want to learn about a lot of new things on a lot of new topics, this is definitely your place to get it.

We are going to have some exciting sessions. We’re going to have our usual CP Review Sessions, which of course is for the prep of the Certified Paralegal Exam. We’re going to have some sessions in employment law, which is hot issues in employment law today, skills of the indispensable paralegal, we have a session immigration and human trafficking and so much more.

And just to let you know we do have some sessions that fall under these different law topics. We have corporate law, we have elder law, we have employment law, immigration and criminal. Hopefully these will fall into your realm of what is interesting to you, but if they don’t, these are a lot of hot topics in today’s world that would be valuable for any paralegal to know about.

We also during the virtual conference, we’re going to have our annual membership meeting, the Annual Affiliated Associations Meeting and we’re also going to have a Panel discussion with NALA leaders. These are all free to anyone; NALA members, non-NALA members, any paralegal, any legal professional that would like to attend, just please also go and register for even the free events if you do not attend the CLE portion.

So back to the Conference. The other super fun thing that we have to go with at the Conference is a Conference App. We use a Conference App even when we’ve had past conferences in person, this is to connect attendees with each other, with other — the attendees can, can network, they can talk to each other, they can arrange, if you’re a first-timer, if you’re trying to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen and you want to connect with them right away, at conference this is a great way.

Also it connects attendees with our vendors. It also connects the attendees with NALA headquarters. You get announcements, you get new information very timely during the conference.

So the Conference App is another reason to not delay if you are interested in registering.

You could go on now, we don’t want you to miss out on the exclusive package that again, the deadline was June 12th and we don’t want you to miss out on using the Conference App. NALA usually releases the Conference App about two weeks prior to conference.

So again, register today if you can. There will be a link in the Show Notes for this episode that will tell you all about conference on how to get registered today, and also you can learn more by visiting NALA’s website, which is

Thank you. Hope to see you virtually at the 2020 NALA [email protected]


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Published: June 11, 2020
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