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It’s time for the 2019 NALA Conference & Expo! In this opening mini-episode, Carl reports what he’s seen on his first day at the conference and teases a bit of what’s to come. More coverage and interviews are coming as the event unfolds, so be sure to keep your eyes (and ears) on this channel.

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The Paralegal Voice

NALA Annual 2019: Opening Coverage



Carl Morrison: Hello. Welcome to The Paralegal Voice, I am actually recording live before a live studio audience, here at the NALA Conference, 2019 NALA Conference & Expo in Scottsdale Arizona. Today’s show is being sponsored of course by NALA, who has been our sponsor since the very beginning., Legalinc and ServeNow.

So definitely sponsors thank you so much for your generous support. I’m doing kind of a little bit of a mini show right this moment. Here I am kind of out in the hallway between Exhibit Hall and the session, that’s getting started on being a stressed-out paralegal, which I’m sure if you’re not, haven’t and didn’t attend today’s session, you’re missing out.

For my listeners, paralegals out there you’re going yeah, I know everything about being a stressed-out paralegal. So, definitely great session going on.

So I just kind of wanted to briefly talk about some of my observations and things in relation to our first day of a three-day conference.

I will tell you guys that this is a fantastic location, so if you missed coming to the NALA Conference this year, you’re missing out on a beautiful, beautiful resort, and we’re at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, fantastic staff, fantastic rooms, it’s been so far and we’re not even done with the first day, actually a really great location.

So yesterday I got into town early and did a little bit of just basically checking in, getting a little relaxed, but I will tell you that me and another paralegal friend got in the pool and the lazy river and enjoyed ourselves a little bit and we did a little bit of networking. I will tell you guys the importance so you guys have listened to my show many times on the importance of networking and have met already numerous wonderful paralegals from across the country.

And got a little bit of sun, I didn’t get burned, but enjoyed the heat of Phoenix, for you guys, you know that I am a desert dweller so this is not anything unique to me, but some individuals from the north and the Northeast found out, yeah, it’s hot out here, so when in fact Laurence knows all about the heat as well.

Laurence I’m referencing is the producer of Legal Talk Network.

Laurence Colletti: It’s a very dry heat Carl.

Carl Morrison: Dry heat, right uh-huh. So some of the attendees that I met during the course, like I said yesterday and today alone, I’ve met everybody from Utah to North Dakota, my home state Oklahoma, it was great getting to see some people I haven’t seen in four years since I moved away, California, everyone that I’ve met with and have been here and have been excited to attend this particular conference.

NALA hit a milestone this year at this particular conference, record-breaking number of attendees, 511 attendees, which is fantastic for this conference. So definitely, we had our opening keynote speaker was an individual, in fact Arizona Justice William O’Neil and his particular topic that he spoke about in his keynote was about ethics, but it was really more about how we handle ethics and how we handle others.

And a couple of quotes that he said that I wrote down that I just really enjoyed was one, our profession is about service. We are not built to be alone and how true is that and it’s not just lawyers but also paralegals from our particular legal profession is not about being alone. We have to work together, we have to support each other and ethics play a huge part about it.

He also was talking about whatever we do, we have to work in honesty and if we don’t have honesty, we have no reputation and how true is that. If you’re not an honest individual, then you’re not going to have a reputation with actually the reputation you’re going to have is not good and definitely it’s not what you want.

He said something else that I just absolutely love and law is the stabilizer that balances and I’m like okay, I’m going to have that one engraved in stone. I think that’s a fantastic quote there and really everyone absolutely loved Justice O’Neil, he did a fantastic job in our opening keynote.

So definitely, we thank him for presenting first thing this morning.


Also today we’ve had our Annual Meeting and presentation of a couple of awards and a fantastic lunch, of course and always the first thing is getting you jazzed about and our current President Jill Francisco, she kicked us off with a bang this morning before presenting her keynote and loved her energy in it.

And of course, this evening it’s always my favorite part of the NALA Conference and that’s when we do our Affiliate Association Reception and so that’s when all affiliates from across the country come and present individual boosts and you can walk around, pick up their awesome swag. They always have amazing swag, and always great networking opportunity for paralegals that attend the conference.

So I want to give you just a little bit of teaser about what this conference is all about and like I said, we’re here for the entire conference so we have tomorrow Friday and Saturday. I’ve got some great interviews lined up with some individuals and also a first-timer.

So stay tuned, tune in to the other podcasts that I’m going to be doing and don’t miss out. So thank you for listening to The Paralegal Voice and that’s all we have right now, but it’s always brought to us by the generous support of NALA,, Legalinc and ServeNow.

And thank you once again sponsors and thank you live studio audience for being here and enjoying this little mini show that we’re doing, and thank you listeners for tuning in.

And if you’d like to be heard of course always know that The Listeners’ Voice is a part of my typical show. So if you ever have a question, send it to me at [email protected], that’s [email protected].

And send me your questions. I am always thrilled to read those on air and help guide and mentor you and help you be the best paralegal that you can.


Outro: The views expressed by the participants of this program are their own and do not represent the views of, nor are they endorsed by Legal Talk Network, its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, shareholders, or subsidiaries. None of the content should be considered legal advice. As always, consult a lawyer.


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Published: July 12, 2019
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