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Inti Martínez-Alemán

Inti Martínez-Alemán represents Latinos in civil and business law matters (litigation and transaction). In May 2016, he obtained his second...

Megan Zavieh

Megan Zavieh is an attorney with a broad range of litigation experience now focusing on attorney defense in the...

Tom Martin

Tom Martin created LawDroid, a chat bot that drafts and files California incorporations over Facebook Messenger.

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Aaron Street

Aaron Street is the co-founder and CEO of Lawyerist.com. In addition to his work growing Lawyerist’s community of small firm...

Sam Glover

Sam Glover is the founder and Editor in Chief of Lawyerist.com. Sam helps lawyers understand the economic, demographic, and...

In this episode, we’re trying something a little different. We asked three TBD Law alumni to tell us their stories of overcoming personal challenges. First you’ll hear from Inti Martínez-Alemán about leaving Honduras after dozens of lawyers were murdered, his mother among them. Then you’ll hear Megan Zavieh talk about the challenges that come with building a law practice while moving frequently and having children. Finally, Tom Martin talks about recovering from the near-collapse of his firm and a year of family tragedies.

Inti Martínez-Alemán has a one-stop-shop law firm for Latinos and Latinas in Minnesota.

Megan Zavieh defends lawyers before the California State Bar.

Tom Martin created LawDroid, a chat bot that drafts and files California incorporations over Facebook Messenger.

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Published: March 8, 2017
Podcast: Lawyerist Podcast
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