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Host Craig Williams is on vacation. In the meantime, producer Kate Nutting has a special announcement about next week’s episode and shares some suggested relevant episodes you should check out during this extraordinary time.


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A Quick Announcement



Kate Nutting: Hi everyone. Kate Nutting here, Producer for Lawyer 2 Lawyer on the Legal Talk Network. As always, thanks for listening.

Our host Craig Williams is currently away on a well-deserved vacation, but will be returning at the top of next month for a new episode. In the meantime, we have a special treat for you, Jared Correia, host of Legal Toolkit will be our guest host for our next episode releasing on Friday, June 26.

If you simply can’t wait for more great coverage from Lawyer 2 Lawyer, check out some of our episodes on subjects like the Killing of Ahmad Aubrey, The Confederate Statues’ Ruling and Justified Shooting or Police Misconduct? A Year in Review after Ferguson, these shows, alongside some others, will be listed in our show notes for easy access. We look forward to bringing you a new legal topic every other week.

Until then remember, when you want legal, think Lawyer 2 Lawyer.

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Published: June 19, 2020
Podcast: Lawyer 2 Lawyer
Lawyer 2 Lawyer
Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Lawyer 2 Lawyer is a legal affairs podcast covering contemporary and relevant issues in the news with a legal perspective.

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