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Allison C. Johs

Allison C. Johs, Esq., is president of Legal Ease Consulting and provides marketing, social media, business development,...

Jen Grondahl Lee

Jen Grondahl Lee is founder and consulting attorney at Jen|Lee|Law, where she helps clients examine their financial...

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Dennis Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy is an award-winning leader in applying the Internet and technology to law practice. A published...

Tom Mighell

Tom Mighell has been at the front lines of technology development since joining Cowles & Thompson, P.C....

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Published: March 24, 2023
Podcast: Kennedy-Mighell Report
Category: Legal Technology & Data Security , News & Current Events

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Kennedy-Mighell Report
Kennedy-Mighell Report

Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell talk the latest technology to improve services, client interactions, and workflow.

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