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And we’re back with another year of gift ideas for the tech savvy lawyer. Whether you are looking for a Star Wars drone for… ahem… your children, a computer or printer that you can fit in your pocket, or a whiskey glass to bring to Mars, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway have the inside tip. Tune in to this episode of The Digital Edge for another year of tech toys for your friends, your family, or yourself.

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Products Mentioned:

The New Apple TV: More memory, new interface, search with Siri, and since our fingers are tired of clicking, now with swipe!

The Surface Pro 4: Lighter than ever (1.69lbs) and 9 hours of battery

Intel Compute Stick: A fully functioning computer in a small stick

Microsoft Surface Book: High performance laptop

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer: Instant photo printer that fits in your pocket

.law: A domain only available to qualified lawyers

FurniQi Wireless Charging Bamboo Side Table: Bamboo side table with two charging pucks in the bottom

Amazon Echo: Alexa is always listening and can play music, answer questions, and control smart devices. Next stop, smart houses?

Swarovski USB Stainless Steel Bracelet: For the lady lawyer in your life (depending on which lady lawyer is in your life)

Roku 4K Video Streamer: 2500+ channels on demand and, more importantly, a lost remote finder

Ring Zero: The world’s smallest input device

Bosch eBike: Electronic motor assisted biking

Panono: 360 degree panoramic photography ball (camera)

Mycestro wearable mouse: Ergonomic and controlled with natural gestures

AKGQ701 Headphones: “The Holy Grail of Headphones”

Zero Gravity Whiskey Glass: To avoid spilling your whiskey once space travel becomes a thing

Steakchamp Thermometer: Cook your steak the way you like it every time

Star Wars Speros BB8: The Star Wars drone with an adaptive personality

Pet Cube: Play with your pets at home while you are at work

Darth Vader and R2D2 Handheld Showerhead

Bonus: Which of these products isn’t available to the public yet?

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Published: November 11, 2015
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