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Due to the changing landscape of legal services, small to medium sized law firms need to consistently update their financial management processes. Essentially, these firms need to provide affordable services to their clients while ensuring the owners get the compensation they believe they deserve. But without necessarily having an in-house financial manager, how do they maintain the right balance?

In this episode of The Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway interview John Iezzi, author of “Results-Oriented Financial Management: A Step-by-Step Guide to Law Firm Profitability,” which is a book about compensation issues in small and mid-sized firms, what successful financial management looks like, and changes small firm lawyers need to make.

Topics include:

  • 3 editions of Iezzi’s book
  • How lawyers and non-attorney law firm managers can benefit
  • Client-based practice versus case-based practice
  • Compensation as a relationship issue, not a dollars issue
  • Finders, minders, and grinders in a firm
  • Why owners need to understand financial management
  • Implement the changes or waste time and money
  • Charging fixed fees to increase profitability

John Iezzi spent 16 years as the administrator of McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe, a 300 lawyer firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. In addition, he served as a senior manager in the law firm consulting group at Price Waterhouse and director of consulting services with Information Technologies Corporation. Mr. Iezzi is considered a national expert on law office management, specifically in the financial management area and is author of the third edition of “Results-Oriented Financial Management: A Step-by-Step Guide to Law Firm Profitability.”

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Published: September 10, 2015
Podcast: The Digital Edge
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