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Legal Support

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

We need to talk about abortion, says author of ‘Scarlet A’

Katie Watson talks about her book, “Scarlet A: The Ethics, Law & Politics of Ordinary Abortion”, and discusses ways to have productive conversation about abortion.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library ABA Journal: Modern Law Library
ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

Election Protection: How lawyers can help uphold voters’ rights this November

Marsha Johnson-Blanco talks about how attorneys can help on Nov. 6.

ABA Journal: Asked and Answered ABA Journal: Asked and Answered
Thinking Like a Lawyer - Above the Law

Mastering On-Campus Interviewing

Elie and Joe are joined today with Nick Alexiou to discuss the on-campus interviewing process.

Thinking Like a Lawyer - Above the Law Thinking Like a Lawyer - Above the Law
On the Road

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: The Legal Services Corporation in Concert

Marty Balogh, John G. Levi, E. Faye Butler, Zachary Stevenson, and Judge Lora J. Livingston speak about the importance of properly funding legal services.

On the Road On the Road
Legal Toolkit

Online Communities for Lawyers and Why They’re Great

Keith Lee explains what Slack is and how the bar associations can be more relevant to younger lawyers who are seeking a supportive community of lawyers.

Legal Toolkit Legal Toolkit
Un-Billable Hour

Filling in the Gaps: Freelance Lawyers to the Rescue

Greg Garman from Lawclerk talks about when firms should hire freelance lawyers to provide different levels of expertise and free up a law firm’s time.

Un-Billable Hour Un-Billable Hour
Law Technology Now

Mastering Deadlines with LawToolBox

Co-owners of LawToolBox, Jack and Carol-Lynn Grow, talk about what problems LawToolBox solves and what sets them apart from their competition.

Law Technology Now Law Technology Now
On the Road

ABA Midyear 2018: Getting to Know the National Association of Bar Executives

In this On The Road from ABA Midyear 2018, Karen Hutchins talks about what the NABE is and how it serves the legal community.

On the Road On the Road
Robert Half Legal Report

Tips to Take Your Legal Career to New Heights in 2018

Billie Moliere discusses the latest hiring trends and the hottest practice areas driving demand for attorneys, paralegals and legal support professionals.

Robert Half Legal Report Robert Half Legal Report
ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

You’re in a pickle. Can a lawyer assistance program help?

Bree Buchanan talks about how lawyers assistance programs work, and how a person can reach out for assistance.

ABA Journal: Asked and Answered ABA Journal: Asked and Answered
The Florida Bar Podcast

Navigating Ethics and Advertising

Elizabeth Clark Tarbert talks about The Florida Bar’s Ethics and Advertising Department, including their role with the Bar, common questions they are asked, and why lawyers shouldn’t be afraid to call them for advice.

The Florida Bar Podcast The Florida Bar Podcast
Lawyerist Podcast

#146: Practicing Law as an Legal Technician (LLLT) in Washington State, with Laura Genoves

Laura Genoves talks about being one of the first Limited Licensed Legal Technicians in Washington State and the differences between a legal technician and a practicing attorney, including everything from education costs to how each can practice.

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
Paralegal Voice

30 Tips to Enhance Your Paralegal Career

Vicki Voisin defines what it means to have a successful paralegal career and gives 30 tips on how to live out your calling.

Paralegal Voice Paralegal Voice
Robert Half Legal Report

Changing Roles and Staffing Models for Paralegals and Other Legal Support Professionals

Charles Volkert and Carl Morrison examine the changing roles of paralegals and other support professionals in today’s legal workplace.

Robert Half Legal Report Robert Half Legal Report
Paralegal Voice

The Future of the Paralegal Profession

NALA President Cassandra Oliver talks about the organization and the significance of paralegal certification.

Paralegal Voice Paralegal Voice