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Business Law

Thinking Like a Lawyer - Above the Law

Thanksgiving Break

Joe is left solo to make a few announcements about upcoming opportunities with the Above the Law team.

Thinking Like a Lawyer - Above the Law Thinking Like a Lawyer - Above the Law
Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

Rand Fishkin’s Guide to Business for Lawyers

Rand Fishkin talks about his new book, “Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World," and how lawyers can use the tactics from his book as they build their businesses.

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing Lunch Hour Legal Marketing
Lawyerist Podcast

#193: Bringing the Four Seasons Experience to Law Practice, with John Strohmeyer

John Strohmeyer talks about his time working at The Four Seasons Hotel, and how he is using his experience working there with his law firm.

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law

Representing Vulnerable Investors

Kelly Brennan talks about the new laws and regulations that empower financial institutions.

Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law
On the Road

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: ABA Section of Litigation

Koji Fukumura and Barb Dawson talk about the ABA Section of Litigation and the benefits it provides to its members.

On the Road On the Road
The Florida Bar Podcast

2018 Annual Florida Bar Convention: President Michael Higer

In today's episode, Michael Higer, the Florida Bar President, talks about his position. He also discusses his initiatives, such as lawyer health and wellness, and the challenges he faced from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The Florida Bar Podcast The Florida Bar Podcast
ABA Law Student Podcast

Diary of a Part-Time Special Education Lawyer

Melissa Waugh talks about her life as a mother taking care of her two hyphenated kids as well as being a part-time lawyer specializing in special education law.

ABA Law Student Podcast ABA Law Student Podcast
The Insurance Law Podcast

Defense Angle of Slip and Fall Accident Claims

Retail Expert Jerry Birnbach discusses what companies and defense attorneys need to be concerned about regarding slip and fall accident claims.

The Insurance Law Podcast The Insurance Law Podcast
Lawyerist Podcast

#104: Building a Multi-Million Dollar Law Practice, with Greg McEwan

How Greg has built a multi-million dollar personal injury firm by taking big risks for big rewards.

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
In-House Legal

State Farm CLO Jeffrey Jackson on Ranging Experience in the Legal Office

Jeffrey Jackson, CLO at State Farm, talks about building communities in which budding lawyers feel free to ask questions and speak their minds.

In-House Legal In-House Legal
On the Road

2016 Annual Florida Bar Convention: The International Law Division

Laurence Colletti speaks with The Florida Bar International Law Section Chair Eduardo Palmer about his division, international arbitration, and how the state has become a world center for international law.

On the Road On the Road
On the Road

2016 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Updates in Business Law

Laurence Colletti interviews Jay Kim, business litigator and member of The Florida Bar board of governors, about the updates in business law in Florida over the past year.

On the Road On the Road
In-House Legal

Cybersecurity in Regulated Industries with AMEX GC Laureen Seeger

Laureen Seeger discusses her path to becoming AMEX GC, industry regulation and cybersecurity, and the importance of brand trust.

In-House Legal In-House Legal
Lawyer 2 Lawyer

The Latest on the FBI/Apple Legal Battle

The FBI and Apple, Inc. have been immersed in an ongoing legal battle over privacy and security. The legal battle reached a boiling point when the FBI and Apple engaged in a dispute over whether the federal court may compel Apple to create new software that would enable the FBI to unlock an iPhone 5C...

Lawyer 2 Lawyer Lawyer 2 Lawyer
The Digital Edge

The Law is Not Copyrightable: Fastcase Sues Casemaker

Recently, the legal publishing company Fastcase received a takedown notice from the parent company of another publishing company, Casemaker, claiming they had exclusive rights to distribute, for commercial use, the Georgia Administrative Rules and Regulations. Fastcase CEO Ed Walters was surprised by this demand, because public law is not copyrightable. As a response, Ed decided...

The Digital Edge The Digital Edge