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2023 End-of-Term SCOTUS Rulings & Long-Term Impact

As SCOTUS wrapped in leadup to its annual summer recess, three controversial rulings, all with a 6-3 vote,  created quite the stir: Biden v. Nebraska, Students for Fair Admissions, Inc.  v. President & Fellows of Harvard College, and 303 Creative LLC v....

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Successful Bar Prep: Balancing Discipline and Downtime

The July bar exam is right around the corner, and if you’re like most recent law school grads, you’ve probably got...

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#453: Healthy Systems: Creating Consistent Client Experiences, with Matt Loker

The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited doubled-down on our Healthy Firm model. But what, exactly, is it? Join us for another stop...

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Is family court too flawed to be fixed?

Jane M. Spinak did not set out to write a book arguing for the abolition of family court. She thought she...

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The All-Mac Edition: The Episode For Mac-Curious Attorneys

Are you Mac or PC? Or do you even know what you want? A deep dive into the Mac vs. PC...

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How GPT and other large language models could change e-discovery

Large language models such as ChatGPT are all the rage these days. But this isn’t the first time that a promising...

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Succession Spoilers Galore; What PR Can Do for You; and Succession Children’s Theater

Why would a law firm hire a PR agency? Well, if you’ve ever wished your firm was known for its expertise...

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Community Table: The Hiring (And Firing?) Edition

Host Christopher T. Anderson is at the Community Table, real answers, no script. What tools can you use to hire the...

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