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Yes You Can! Starting Your Solo Practice As A Second Career

Guest Andrew Schierberg retired from his first career after 20 years as a police officer, investigator, and chief in Northern Kentucky. Then he asked, “What next?” With a law degree and a lifetime of working in tense situations with people during their...

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SCOTUS faces ‘a catastrophic loss of institutional legitimacy,’ warns author

In his new book, The Supermajority: How the Supreme Court Divided America, Michael Waldman identifies three times the U.S. Supreme Court caused...

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Time to Change Your Lame Logo; Stop Thinking Like a Lawyer; and “Deep Cuts with Steve Seckler”

Even if you’re a great lawyer, your top-notch skills might be holding you back when it comes to running your business....

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This Is Why You Need To Pay Your Lawyers

Because someday you might face massive espionage charges... or something.

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What could AI regulation in the US look like?

In the United States, there has been very little movement toward establishing a regulatory framework at the federal level for artificial...

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Who is “Whispering” in the Supreme Court’s Ears? with Hazelton & Hinkle

Professors Morgan Hazelton and Rachael Hinkle have published a fascinating book on one of the mysteries behind Supreme Court decision-making. “Persuading...

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Mastering Litigation: Effective Communication for Legal Success

Law school graduates probably know the law pretty well. But putting that knowledge to work takes more. Learn to communicate and...

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How to get more leads from your website with Adam Sinkus

In this episode, Adam Sinkus joins me to discuss how to get more leads from your website. He also shares key...

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EP 715- Passion or Paycheck?

Great, you’ve got a job offer! Should you take less money to follow your passion or jump at a paycheck that...

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EP431- Handling High Profile Cases with Robert Haar Part One

Bombings. Organized crime. And witness protection programs. Gain insight into these interesting areas of the law with renowned St. Louis Attorney...

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Pushing Yourself Too Hard? Your Health And Wellness Matters

 Mental health, wellness, and managing burnout made headlines during and after the pandemic. But what did we learn? Guest Richard Rivera,...

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Current Trends in Liability Claims

Expert Service Provider addresses current trends in liability claims.

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