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Best Early October Legal Podcast Episodes

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How It’s Done: The Story Behind A Solo Practice

This inspiring episode tells the true story of a gutsy dad who started his own legal practice from scratch with no clients, no office, and no partner.  Guest Michael Mendoza is an Orlando solo practitioner specializing in family law. After graduating from...

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5 Fresh Takeaways from Clio’s Legal Trends Report || The Case Against ROI

Live from Clio Cloud Conference—the 2023 Legal Trends Report is hot off the presses and Gyi and Conrad have some compelling...

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The World’s Most Famous Doll (Who Shall Remain Nameless for Legal Reasons) Goes to Court to Protect Her Brand

With the success of Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster movie, we are once again living in a doll’s world. Toymaker...

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Tales of 3 generations of Black women intertwine to form ‘Memphis’

A Tennessee lawyer shares how her lawyerly research techniques prepared her to dig into her family’s history to develop characters...

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Clio Cloud 2023: A Chat with Jack Newton

Jack Newton sits down with Laurence Colletti to talk about the current happenings at Clio and what they plan to bring...

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Is your marketing a bridge to creating strong connections? with Jennifer Forester

In this episode, Jennifer Forester joins me to discuss marketing strategies to help build and create strong connections with your ideal...

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