Your New Favorite Podcast – In Dispute: 10 Famous Trials That Changed History

Ten famous court cases come to life through reenactment of actual conversations preserved through trial transcripts and court reporters to explore the foundations of our current legal systems.

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Where History Meets Law in the Courtroom

Have you ever wondered how landmark legal decisions shaped the America we know today? In Dispute takes you on a thrilling journey through ten famous court cases that redefined our legal landscape.

Prepare to be transported

We’ll use actual conversations preserved from trial transcripts and court reporters. Actors will bring these historical moments to life, reenacting the heated exchanges, impassioned arguments, and pivotal testimonies that unfolded in the courtroom.

More than just a drama

This podcast goes beyond the theatrics. Expert legal commentators will provide insightful analysis, dissecting the key arguments and legal principles at stake in each case. You’ll understand the historical context, the competing interests, and the lasting impact these decisions have had on our society.

Here’s what you can expect

Immersive reenactments: Feel the tension rise as lawyers clash and witnesses take the stand.

In-depth analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of the legal issues at play.

Historical context: Learn how these cases reflected and shaped the times.

Enduring impact: Discover how these decisions continue to influence our legal system today.

In Dispute is not just a history lesson; it’s an exploration of the foundations of American law. It’s your chance to witness the drama of the courtroom and gain a deeper appreciation for the legal principles that govern our lives.

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J. Craig Williams

J. Craig Williams is admitted to practice law in Iowa, California, Massachusetts, and Washington. Before attending law school, his education began in media studies with an interest in journalism, radio, and film.

Williams has incorporated those interests into his blog, May It Please the Court. He is a Top-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer – White Collar Crime as selected by American Lawyer Media and Martindale-Hubbell.

Want to delve even deeper?

J. Craig Williams has released a companion book titled “How Would You Decide?” This book explores these landmark cases in rich detail. Packed with primary source documents and engaging narrative, it’s your chance to become a legal scholar in the comfort of your armchair. Grab your copy of “How Would You Decide?” and continue the conversation!

Buckle up

Get ready to hear arguments that changed the course of history.

In Dispute: 10 Trials That Changed History Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials
Released June 18

In Dispute: 10 Trials That Changed History Boston Massacre Trial

Boston Massacre Trials
Released July 16

The talent behind the mic

Listen as these voice actors bring every episode to life.

Doreen Wiley as Sarah Good

Doreen Wiley

Dave Scriven-Young

Troy Starr

Georgia Well

Kevin J. McGrath

Evan Dicharry

Evan Dicharry

Alan Parsons

Robert Mattson

Neil Harvey

Dan Ring

Patrick Correia

In Dispute No Photo Available - Female Silhouette

Kate Kenney Nutting

Brian Driesen

Andrew Clark

Alan Chudnow, LMFT

In Dispute Male Voiceover Artist

Skyler C.

Scott Well

Robert “Terry” Terelak

Jud Pierce

Christopher Rogers

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