Legal Podcast Production & Distribution

There are a lot of legal podcasts out there, but we at Legal Talk Network make legal podcasts with amazing, original content and the highest quality audio. We have worked with high-profile legal technologists, expert lawyers, legal bloggers, law schools, and bar associations to create incredible audio content that grabs the attention of their audiences. Whether you have a long-time show and are looking for a boost in listenership or are looking to start from scratch, we are the experts in producing a truly professional legal podcast.

Common Legal Podcast Themes

Legal Marketing and Best Practices Podcasts

Lawyers and law firm employees are often looking for tips on running a practice, using technology, and marketing their services. If you have an original idea for a podcast providing legal business information to an audience, let us know and we can work with you to flesh out ideas. If your concept is already completely thought out, we’ll make your audio sound amazing!

Niche Podcasts

Are you working as a lawyer or for lawyers in a niche field? Is your industry changing quickly? Are the laws in your field of law in flux? Create a podcast that provides topical news and updates and marks you as an expert in your field. Providing this information to others is a fantastic marketing tool and can help you prove your legitimacy for speaking or writing opportunities. Also, you can network and share information with other experts.

Storytelling Podcasts

The increasing popularity of podcasts like Serial and Radiolab have shown the value of high-production storytelling podcasts. Do you have a vision for a new show that surrounds a legal topic but you need some engineers and production? Contact us, let’s make the next Serial.

Bar Associations

We have partnered with several bar associations to produce, create, and market valuable content for their members. These shows range in style and length, but are all interesting to bar members and nonmembers alike.

The Legal Talk Network Production & Distribution Process

Quality Approval

At Legal Talk Network, we are obsessed with high-quality audio. We use the best equipment, technology, and software to ensure that your podcast sounds 100% professional from beginning to end, every episode.

When you have great audio, you need great content too! We will work with you to make a plan for interesting guests and topics, to ensure your episodes sound good in every possible way.

Equipment and Training

We will send you professional recording equipment and all the necessary software. Through personalized training sessions with our producers and audio engineers, you will learn to use the equipment and technology for the best possible “in studio” sound.

A member of our audio team is on every recording, facilitating the experience for hosts and guests, and lending our ears to the production. We will assist with scheduling and production along the entire path of recording each episode.

Post-Production Engineering

Our professional audio engineers edit each of your episodes for small sound imperfections, add music and sound effects, and produce a broadcast quality final product that you can be proud of.

Marketing and Distribution

We set up your podcast to go out to all platforms and it appears on our feed. We feature your episodes in all of our social media platforms, write a blog post talking about the launch of your show, and give you many other suggestions from our expertise on how to market a legal podcast.

Interested? Contact us to discuss your new podcast.