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Leah Haberman

Leah Haberman

Host of ABA Law Student Podcast

Leah is a 3L at Columbia Law School where she’s focused on death penalty abolition, holding the government accountable in the family regulation system, and trying to remain a full person and not a law student robot. Leah grew up in San Diego before going to Seattle for college, graduating in 2018 before working in advocacy and politics. From there she went to Iowa for the 2020 caucuses and then lived in Oakland before moving to New York! She loves watching reality T.V, kayaking, and making lists of adventures to have with her fiancee Erin and crossing things off the list!

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September 18, 2023

Don’t Let Law School Crush Your Creativity

As law students learn to be lawyers, some feel that they lose themselves—that their prior creative, dynamic individuality is slowly replaced by an unrecognizable law school robot. If you’ve experienced this disorienting...