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Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson

As Legal Talk Network’s Marketing and Production Manager, Kelsey is intimately involved in promoting and publishing episodes, writing copy and outreach, and monitoring analytics. She also heads up the social media marketing team. A natural problem-solver and podcast enthusiast, Kelsey often takes on ancillary projects and provides content insight. She is also the self-proclaimed Legal Talk Network millennial.

Recent Episodes
March 8, 2018

Getting Women Into Legal Tech Leadership Roles

Get women into leadership roles, Hold large institutions accountable in regards to diversity and harassment charges, and focus energy on teaching legal tech to elementary-age girls.

March 5, 2018

Tech Women of the Denver Global Legal Hackathon

Yev Muchnik, Larkin Reynolds, Carol Lynn Grow, and Katherine Snow talk about their unique perspective of the Denver Global Legal Hackathon as women in tech.