DeMario Thornton

DeMario Thornton

DeMario Thornton is a 3L student at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, LA. Originally from Birmingham, AL, DeMario graduated from Talladega College with a degree in Mass Media/ Journalism, where he also pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He ranks in the Top 5% of his class and holds CALI Awards in Contracts, and Legal Writing II, and a Distinguished Honor in Basic Civil Procedure, Conflicts of Law and Civil Law Property. DeMario interned at the Office of the Public Defender of East Baton Rouge; Bradley Arant Boult Cumming in Birmingham, AL; and Judge Eboni Johnson Rose at the 19th JDC of Louisiana. He was awarded the annual Diversity Scholarship from Bradley Arant, where he received an offer to return as an associate post-graduation. DeMario is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Southern University Law Review and after graduation he will practice Construction Litigation.

Recent Episodes
August 14, 2023

An Interview with Prominent Defense Attorney Mark Geragos

Mark Geragos made a name for himself successfully representing Susan McDougal, President Bill Clinton’s erstwhile business partner, following her conviction related to the 1990s Whitewater controversy. Since then, he has represented many...

July 10, 2023

Successful Bar Prep: Balancing Discipline and Downtime

The July bar exam is right around the corner, and if you’re like most recent law school grads, you’ve probably got some pre-test jitters. DeMario Thornton welcomes young lawyer Taylor DiChello to...

June 21, 2023

Niche Legal Practice: Exploring Construction Law

Do you have a particular interest outside of becoming a lawyer? With how incredibly broad the law is, a niche practice area might just align with your passions. For Arlan Lewis, his...

May 8, 2023

Accessing Mental Health Help for Law Students

Law school, bar prep, and the legal profession in general can be hard on mental health, but there is help through Lawyer Assistance Programs that even law students can access. DeMario Thornton...

April 10, 2023

A Career in Cannabis Law with Jerome Crawford

A lot of us started law school thinking we knew exactly what we would do with a law degree. So what happens when a surprising, but very different opportunity comes along? Jerome...

March 13, 2023

The Real Law School Experience with Sarah Atkinson

Law school is tough, but you’re not alone! DeMario Thornton welcomes fellow law student Sarah Atkinson to talk through the highs and lows of law school. They share their struggles and discuss...

February 13, 2023

A Conversation With Professor Deleso A. Alford

DeMario Thornton welcomes Professor Deleso A. Alford to discuss her work at the intersection of legal and medical education, where her scholarship helps students gain a broader understanding of how race, gender,...

January 9, 2023

The Legal Accountability Project – Combatting Inequities and Abuse in Judicial Clerkships

In the midst of a nightmarish judicial clerkship, Aliza Shatzman found that there was almost no protection for her, a lowly clerk, suffering harassment at the hands of a seemingly all-powerful judge....

December 12, 2022

Unpacking Law360’s 2022 Summer Associates Survey

What can you expect when trying for a spot at one of the much coveted summer associateships? DeMario Thornton talks with Craig Savitzky of Law360 about the insights gleaned from the 2022...

November 14, 2022

I Wish I’d Known – Michael Nava’s Perspectives on Minority Lawyer Challenges

Minority lawyers operating in white-dominated spaces face unique challenges as they navigate careers in the legal profession. As negative stereotypes assault them from without, self-doubt and imposter syndrome can develop within. DeMario...

October 10, 2022

Omarosa, Part II: The Historically Black College and University Experience

Returning guest Omarosa Newman joins Demario Thornton to go into deeper detail about her educational journey through multiple Historically Black Colleges and Universities and why she chose to attend Southern University–also an...

September 12, 2022

Omarosa: Fame, Politics, & The Perks of Being a Non-Traditional Law Student

You know her from “The Apprentice,” “Big Brother,” Trump’s White House, and more; and now she’s in the middle of law school just like you! Brand-new Law Student Podcast host DeMario Thornton...