Angela Morris

Angela Morris

Host of ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

Angela Morris is an Austin, Texas-based freelance journalist covering legal news for publications like, The National Law Journal, American Lawyer, Texas Lawyer and the ABA Journal. She writes about the law, the criminal and civil justice systems, lawyers, judges and more. Morris is primarily a reporter and writer, but also has skills in videography, photography and web production. A professional journalist since 2006, she previously worked as a staff reporter for Texas Lawyer and multimedia producer for the San Antonio Express-News. She graduated in 2006 with top honors from The University of Texas at Austin with duel degrees in journalism and government. Morris lives in Austin with her husband, two young sons and two dogs.

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October 17, 2018
Could 80 percent of cases be resolved through online dispute resolution?

Colin Rule talks about the possibilities–and pitfalls–for online dispute resolution technology.

August 15, 2018
Legal services innovator moves on to app development

Nicole Bradick discusses identifying something that's not working in a law firm and the importance of investing the energy to fix it.


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