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Zach Pousman

Zach Pousman

Zach Pousman has built a career pursuing tomorrow’s best ideas. Zach founded Helpfully, an R&D consultancy that focuses on understanding emerging social trends and technology leaps to power new business ideas.

Zach has keen eye on the way that AI techniques, big data, and new ways of working will affect both work and everyday life. Zach’s past projects include work at First Data, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, UCB Biopharma, Allstate, Kroger, iShares, and Google. Zach holds a Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and did advanced graduate work at Georgia Tech, blending anthropological techniques, design, and technology studies.

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Guest Appearances
April 10, 2019

#219: How the Design Process Works in Practice, with Zach Pousman

Zach Pousman talks about the design process and how it relates to law practice in-depth.