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Vinny Curry

Vinny Curry

Vinny Curry is defensive end for the New York Jets.  After playing college football for Marshall University, Vinny was a second round draft pick for the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2017, Vinny became a Super Bowl champion. Vinny played the 2018 season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, returned to the Eagles in 2019, and signed with the Jets in 2021, where he plays today. Vinny founded the Rush 2 Victory Foundation, which seeks to provide economically-challenged students with a voice of motivation, empowerment and encouragement so they can achieve academic excellence, develop positive personal skills, and make positive decisions to avoid high-risk behavior.

Guest Appearances
August 31, 2022

And What, So What, Now What? An NFL Star And The Power Of Positive Thinking.

In a very special, and very personal, episode host Jill Francisco is joined by her good friend, NFL star and Super Bowl champion Vinny Curry of the New York Jets. The power...