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Vicky Selkowe

Vicky Selkowe

Vicky Selkowe is the director of legislative, rulemaking and training compliance at Legal Action of Wisconsin and lead instructor at Wisconsin Women’s Network. She has been engaged in policy advocacy in Wisconsin for nearly twenty years. A public interest attorney, Vicky has represented low-income clients in employment, housing, and public benefits matters, led statewide anti-poverty policy advocacy efforts, and served for nearly six years as Chief of Staff to a Wisconsin State Representative. Since 2014, she has been the legislative & compliance director for Wisconsin’s largest provider of free, high-quality civil legal aid. Vicky has extensive experience with a wide array of policy issues, the legislative process, effective media, grassroots and grasstops organizing, and coalition building. Vicky is a proud graduate of Beloit College and the University of Wisconsin Law School and lives in Madison with her husband and his two cats, who occasionally deign to let her pet them also.

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June 12, 2018

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