Vanessa Finley

Vanessa Finley

Vanessa Finley, MBA, was hired as chief executive officer of the National Association of Legal Assistants in November 2019. She has been in nonprofit management and leadership for more than 25 years, including leading the Missouri State Microenterprise Association for nearly a decade and serving as an active board member of the National Association of Enterprise Opportunity. Vanessa now serves NALA members and promotes the paralegal field across the country.

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Guest Appearances
June 30, 2021

Job Growth Alert: Paralegals In Demand

Given how fast the paralegal field is growing, it’s no wonder NALA expects record meeting attendance. CEO Vanessa Finley offers a preview.

January 31, 2020

NALA’s 2020 Outlook

Vanessa Finley gives insights on NALA’s offerings for members and plans for 2020.