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Tracey Ivanyshyn

Tracey Ivanyshyn

Tracey Ivanyshyn is the President and CEO at UPLevel, a business providing customer care, financial care, and business process outsourcing solutions in North America and beyond. Tracey is known for creating a unique culture among her growing ‘work family’, and focusing on gratitude as a corporate mission. Incorporating motion meetings and tread desks in all work environments and launching “Happiness Advantage” initiatives are just a few distinctions that have earned the company two nominations for Canada’s 10 Most Admired Cultures and a spot on Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies List by Profit Magazine.

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Guest Appearances
November 7, 2018

#197: How Happy Employees Lead to Happy Clients, with Tracey Ivanyshyn

Tracey Ivanyshyn talks about what makes employees happy, and how happy employees lead to happier clients.