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Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers is Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of GovernmentHe coauthored Writing for Busy Readers, with Jessica Lasky-FinkHe has taught a wide range of audiences including technology leaders, school district superintendents, military leaders, elected officials, financial services executives, and investment managersTodd co-founded two social enterprisesFirst the Analyst Institute, which improves voter communications, and serves on its board. And second, EveryDay Labs, which partners with school districts to reduce student absenteeism by communicating with families, is an equity holder and serves as Chief Scientist 

Guest Appearances
March 21, 2024

#495: Crack the Code of Compelling Writing, with Todd Rogers

Are your writings being read?   Stephanie and Harvard’s Todd Rogers discuss effective writing.   Links from the episode:   Schedule a free 30 minute strategy session with iLawyer!    Book with Todd  Writing for...