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Teresa Waldrop

Teresa Waldrop

Teresa J. Waldrop has extensive experience in representing non-participant spouses in negotiating, settling and litigating divorce disputes arising from the characterization and division of 457 Deferred Compensation Plan benefits, drag-up pay, and retirement benefits in the Houston Police Officer Pension System Plan and the Houston Firefighters’ Relief & Retirement Fund. Specifically, the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), the monthly service pension benefit, the one time lump sum payment, the monthly supplement payment, the 13th annual benefit payment, interest accrued on those benefits and the cost of living allowances. Her work also includes reviewing the division of those benefits in old divorce decrees. In the event clients own but have been denied their interest in those benefits, she helps them enforce, and clarify, their old decrees, to obtain the value of those benefits.

Guest Appearances
June 27, 2018

State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2018: Why Lawyers Should be Listening to Podcasts

John Strohmeyer and Teresa Waldrop talk about why podcasts are useful and how effective they can be to help improve your practice.