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Ted Waggoner

Ted Waggoner

Ted A. Waggoner is the managing partner at Peterson Waggoner & Perkins, LLP in Rochester, Indiana. Waggoner has been an active presenter for lawyers Continuing Legal Education seminars, having lectured at the Solo and Small Firm Conference on topics such as Fundamentals of Successful Solo and Small Firm Practice; Tough Moments with Clients;and Selling Your Client’s Business. Waggoner contributed a chapter titled Five Essential Steps to Rainmaking in A Small Town in the ABA publication How to Capture and Keep Clients, and a chapter on Legal Staff Evaluations for the ABA publication Effectively Staffing Your Law Firm.

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November 5, 2014

Setting Legal Fees in Your Law Practice

When starting your solo practice, figuring out how to price your services can be very difficult. Many new lawyers undercut the market or undervalue what they have to offer. Additionally, in this...